The main goal of XCASH is to fix what’s wrong with crypto period.

Part 1 of 3.

Zach wrote in the early hours of Thursday 25th February 2021. He is the CTO of XCASH, and the architect behind Delegated Proof of Private Stake (DPoPS). Zach visits the community once or twice a day, usually in the early hours of the morning– European time– to dispense his insights to a receptive international community numbering in the thousands. He wrote much of DPoPS’ code himself– from scratch– and it is apparent that he is prepared to do it again, if need be, though as of 27th February, DPoPS has been operational for 18 days, minus the down-time during the early blocks post 800,000 when the consensus switch took place.

Zach comes across as humble and approachable, despite working for 2 and a half years, 7 days a week, 16 hours a day, which is a testament to the overall philosophy of XCASH– transparency, it’s honest work, but it IS much. All of the team have dedicated untold hours to the project, and made many sacrifices in their personal lives respectively, but none appear weary, and all are eager.

XCASH came into existence during the lows of the bear market in 2018, and those market conditions evidently had an impact on the ethos behind the team, as the crypto industry in the years prior –and up to today to a lesser extent– was littered with blue sky thinking which often culminated in ruin, and unethical practices intended to solely line the pockets of project teams. XCASH had a lot to prove to an increasingly and understandably hostile and desperate audience of investors and speculators, and it was only right that they put the transparency principle first, and did not run an ICO.


The team consists of: the two co-founders, Paul, and Guilhem, who’re both highly knowledgeable of all aspects of XCASH’s code being developers themselves. Both co-founders are reachable inside the official discord server, and are highly responsive when being mentioned in chat, questions about the direction of the project, questions specific to their individual expertises— or just friendly small-talk  if they have a spare 5 minutes. Both co-founders come across as open and friendly, despite being the heads of XCASH foundation whose flagship software product has a market cap of a few thousand shy of $10 million–edit: at the time of writing, the market cap has exceeded $10 million. They are also the founders of an agile and innovative infrastructure for market-making and trading execution, which mixes legacy finance with cryptocurrencies, and has been built with regulatory compliance in mind.

Denis is the main developer behind wXCASH, a wrapped implementation of XCASH that will be pegged 1:1 as an ERC-20 token, and XBANK, a custodial service offered to XCASH investors that will soon be the host to XCASH—wXCASH hot swaps, and following this, XBANK staking. He has been with XCASH since near the start, and comes across as skilled and meticulous with an emphasis on attention-to-detail— he may know the most programming languages.

TanyEm is the resident IOS expert. She is currently working on an IOS app for X-Bank that will support wXCASH, with an expansion for Face ID/Touch ID authentication in active development.

Lovro is the developer of X-PAYMENT, a robust and feature-filled discord payment processor, which has a proposed expansion due in the coming months. He was active in the community during the start of the XCASH, but later began to take on more projects. He mainly comes in when mentioned or when performing an update on X-PAYMENT. Lovro is like the rest of the team– skilled, diligent, and approachable– and has a wealth of ideas.

Twinkie is also a new addition, but probably one of the most knowledgeable of how the DPoPS consensus works after Zach, and has also been involved in all beta-testing exercises, and coding exercises for over a year and a half. He is the network guy, and project manager– he is always first to find a bug.

Miaumiau is a newer addition to the team, a developer who has been involved with various beta-testing exercises, and provided various upgrades for several of the core infrastructure. He is also a professional marketer, a former artist and culture manager, who comes across as highly organised, and has knowledge of all related fields– he finds the bugs that others miss.

Cac also joined the team recently with Twinkie and Miaumiau, a social media expert, with a high and experienced knowledge of digital tols, strong writing and presentation skills, marketing experience, and of course he is an endless well of creativity. With his knowledge of the community, excellent communication and interpersonal skills he strengthens and supports the X-Cash community in all aspects. When he is not painting reddit red, he tracks trends and identifies emerging stories on social media, feeds to content creators to help make the best content, while creating content himself. 

All of the team are approachable and responsive to the community. They are involved in bug-testing and bug-fixing each other’s code, and have an excellent working relationship and rapport with one another– which is important as the journey towards product delivery does tend to either make or break a team, but XCASH’s team has thrived amongst the chaos and uncertainty of a bear market and various unforeseen adverse circumstances, and are now thriving during the bull-market.

This is the core team, however XCASH’s community of Xcash’Ians is its extended team. The Xcash’Ians are proactive in supporting the project through every stage, be it alpha/beta testing, content-creation, translation, assisting newcomers and passersby, or social media promotion— without the Xcash’Ians, XCASH may not have come this far.


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