— Staking Investment Platform.

To understand the valuable task that the Stakely team performs on a daily basis, we must first know what staking is all about.

What is Staking?

Proof of Stake blockchains use staking as the security mechanism to keep the nodes truthful. You can help protect networks, while holding your crypto in your wallet, delegating them to a trusted validator. In return, you get rewards.

Earn rewards through Proof of Stake mining

About Stakely

  • It is a non-custodial Staking Investment Platform (the funds are still in your possession, you only delegate your trust to the node), which currently operates nodes in several ecosystems where some of the most important cryptocurrencies are in stake in terms of the delegate Proof of Stake (DPoS).
  • It is structured to be easy to access and intuitive.
  • Its design is oriented so that the user makes staking in its nodes in a simple way. For this, it has the illustration, the proper documentation, and the address to the different mainnets where it participates.
  • Is a reliable staking platform that allows users and businesses to earn rewards on their holdings for a selected set of high quality supported blockchains. We try to lower the barrier for new users by creating easy to follow documentation and providing help among various crypto communities.

Stakely breaks the traditional scheme by educating the user while performing their staking, making them more aware of the process involved in delegating their assets, which reaffirms their entire trust and transparency, efficiently contributing their grain of sand to the massive adoption of the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

“Nodes operated by Stakely are monitored (24/7) by their respective teams. They are highly qualified professionals in the field. They ensure that you consistently receive your rewards”

Advantages of Delegating in Stakely

  • Low Fees — Our goal is to minimize fees as much as possible while maintaining high reliable and safe node infrastructure.
  • Experience — Team with a variety of fields of knowledge with years of crypto-experience.
  • Support — Supporting crypto projects from the start, from deploying nodes to bootstrapping communities.
  • Community — We have the largest Spanish crypto community. We develop community tools and documentations that are easily accessible to everyone!
stakely cryptocurrency investment platform staking

Earn passive income in crypto by delegating your idle tokens. We contribute to secure the blockchains listed below:

stakely cryptocurrency investment platform staking coins

Blockchains where we currently operate

  • LTO Network (LTO)
  • StaFi (FIS)
  • CertiK (CTK)
  • Fantom (FTM)
  • Marlin Protocol (POND)
  • Ethereum 2.0 (ETH)

Blockchains where it will operate next

  • Hopr (HOPR)
  • xDAI (STAKE)

“The team is committed to the environment, deeply believes that Proof-Of-Stake is the best consensus to protect it”

Earn rewards with the stakely referrals program

Refer people using Stakely Dashboard and earn a lifetime percentage of their Staking Rewards.

stakely cryptocurrency investment platform staking friend invitation

Invite your friends and win rewards

Stakely has a new section: Staking Dashboard, where you can track all your staking assets and also, refer people to increase your passive revenue. This dashboard is completely anonymous, you just need connect your staking wallet and sing a menssage to prove the ownership. Only your wallet address is saved to get your staked amounts and calculate your referrals rewards.

The percentages of rewards established in the referral program vary, depend on several factors such as:

  • The referral code you share: Fantom node currently produces more rewards than Marlin.
  • Of the number of people you recommend, and how many of them will staking their tokens in said nodes.

“Referrals rewards percentages range from level 0 to level 2. They depend on the node from which you got the code from. At the moment, this program is active in the Marlin and Fantom Nodes only, operated by Stakely”

stakely staking dashboard rewards

Referrals rewards percentages:

Fantom node:

  • Level 0: 2%
  • Level 1: 2%
  • Level 2: 0,50%

Marlin node:

  • Level 0: 1%
  • Level 1: 1%
  • Level 2: 0,25%



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