Robin Fischer – Freelancing NFT Artist And Graphic Designer.

My passion for being creative started when I was really young. I loved drawing when I was little and started designing when I got my first PC. I gave my everything for every piece of art or design that I ever created. Now it is time for me to expand in the crypto universe!

I am so proud to announce that I minted my first NFT (“Core if Harmony”) on Rarible recently! It is the first part of my harmony, peace and balance collection which is built around these keywords. I put my heart and soul into this piece (and the other ones of the collection). The collection contains endless looping, satisfying 3D animations. My goal was always and will always be to create a chilled but eye-catching experience for the viewer. I want people to own my art not only because it is a solid investment but because they like what they see! At the moment only one piece of the collection is available for purchase. The rest of the collection will be made public when “Core of Harmony” finds a new home. Every piece will be unique and not sold multiple times. The harmony, peace and balance collection will be exclusively sold on Rarible.

Core of Harmony” is open for bidding at a reserve price of 0.4 ETH. The artwork shows an abstract, reflective form which is rotating. It depicts our world that is always moving forward. The colourful lights show the many facets everyone and everything on earth has. My goal was to achieve a deep meaning with a colourful, satisfying and eye-catching artwork.

Check out “Core of Harmony” here:

It may take some time to load because it is rendered and uploaded in 4k quality.

I love to work on 3D animations, illustrations and photomanipulations. My art is always available in the highest quality possible which is 4k at the moment!

I really hope you like “Core of Harmony” and all the future pieces that will follow. If you want to learn more about me, my life and my art you can follow my Twitter:

Behind the scenes I am working on a ton of artworks that all will be available on Rarible soon.

Much love


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