Prominent Casino Affected Following Congestion In Ethereum Network

The popular online platform, KingTiger Casino had to temporarily shut shop as the Ethereum network was congested.

Crypto has spread its wings across an array of sectors. The industry made sure to shine through all of these. While the value and the decentralized nature of the market have lured in several people, certain shortcomings of the industry have been causing trouble. One of them is scalability issues that have been diminishing the growth of the industry. As this causes congestion in the market, KingTiger Casino had to stop its services for the public.

The network has been particularly stressed following the emergence of non-fungible tokens. However, the Ethereum network’s recent update, London hard fork was supposed to reform issues pertaining to network scaling and similar issues.

This online casino was primarily functioning on cryptocurrencies and the website revealed that it would be pulling the plug on its games as the Ethereum network was congested. The statement read,

“We want to thank all our players and supporters of our FunFair powered casino over the past years. However, we have had to temporarily close our casinos due to the Ethereum network congestion, making it impossible to run our games in their current format.”

Casino temporarily shuts down as Ethereum network gets congested

Furthermore, the online platform noted that it was looking for solutions to rectify the issue. KingTiger hopes to get back by offering a brand new range of games in the casinos.

Despite this temporary setback, the online platform made sure to allow its users access to their digital wallets. Users would reportedly have control over their respective assets in their wallets.

The statement further read,

“Our non-custodial wallet will remain in your control. You may keep any funds in there as long as you like or move them out to another ERC-20 address.”

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