Mexico Jumps Onto The Crypto Bandwagon As Lawmakers Weigh In On Bitcoin Legislations

Mexico had always maintained a low profile with respect to the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The country steered away from crypto after the government found out that these assets were being increasingly used by cartels to launder money. Now, however, certain officials of the region seemed to be yearning for the adoption of crypto.

The five-fold increase of Bitcoin [BTC] paved the way to increased adoption of the coin along with other cryptocurrencies. The world wanted to invest in crypto. While several countries were imposing stringent regulations around the market, many others decided to embrace Bitcoin by laying out crypto-friendly laws. This year, particularly witnessed the arrival of several countries into the crypto-verse. Mexico joined this list as the country’s senator, Eduardo Murat Hinojosa laid down hints about the same in a recent tweet.

Mexico’s senator takes crypto forward

The senator of the federal government of Mexico, Eduardo Murat Hinojosa was smitten by the crypto bug as he included laser eyes in his Twitter profile picture. Laser eyes rose to popularity as a way to show one’s support for crypto. This wasn’t all, the senator posted a tweet suggesting that he would be taking crypto to Mexico’s lower house. The tweet read,

Furthermore, the senator went on to provide reassurance about this as he replied to a tweet suggesting that people could count on him in bringing crypto to the country. He wrote,

“[..] we are going to lead the crypto and fintech in Mexico hand in hand with you. You can count on me for what comes with the intention of putting our country at the forefront.”

Hinojosa garnered the backing of several and another senator, Indira Kempis Martinez,  who represents the state of Nuevo León also exhibited support by adding laser eyes to her profile picture.

Latin America seemed to be going all-in on crypto as El Salvador has been making several changes to accommodate crypto and Mexico was seen heading in that direction.

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