Black People & Cryptocurrency: A Case for Crypto.

What’s the point of a Black crypto group? 

Why would Black people need their own crypto group?

Those are frequently asked questions when some encounter the name of this group. Black People & Cryptocurrency exists to redress economic injustices – such a redlining, predatory lending, underfunding of startup founders/businesses ( – within the crypto and non-crypto world. It falls on Black people to identify bank/financial industry injustices and either find a solution in the existing crypto ecosystem or build a solution as put forth in the decentralized vision exemplified in the Bitcoin white paper. BPC is not “anti-White,” or “anti-other non-Black people” but like women’s groups, regional organizations, religious-specific groups, or other cultural organizations we prioritize and celebrate a Pan-African perspective to economic freedom within the framework of decentralized economics. 

Black People and Cryptocurrency began as a Facebook group ( in September 2017 as a push back against crypto MLMs targeting Black people via social media communities. The initial goal was to educate Black People on how to individually purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; teach the management of their seed phrases, pins, and private keys; to discuss the global ecosystem; and to highlight Black startup founders in the sector. BPC is the oldest publicly searchable Black crypto group on Facebook and has more than 13k members. In 2021, BPC remains a vehicle of crypto education and exposure for Black startup founders.

Some of our accomplishments include being a 3-time presenter/moderator at Black Blockchain Summit ( in Washington, DC. BBS is the oldest US Black conference that is co-produced by African-American, African, and Caribbean leaders in crypto. Serving as a MouseBelt Ambassador ( to encourage HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) students to partake of free blockchain education/mentorships afforded to blockchain labs at colleges and universities worldwide. Hosting two panels for the May 2020 debut of the ReImagine ( live stream series with members in our network covering the themes of NFTs/Blockchain games and Energy on the blockchain. Speaking on crypto for organizations including Hip Hop Con Brooklyn Tech Week ( and Tastemakers’ Africa ( to name a few.

BPC also authored and maintains the longest list of Black people in blockchain and cryptocurrency. BPC’s Black on the Blockchain List ( debuted in September 2019 at Black Blockchain Summit with 100 individuals and now boasts more than 200. BPC can be found on Twitter as @Cryptoppl ( 


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