7) What is the level of the “required” activity in order to retain my “ArmyZ Fighter” status ?  

We respect the unique way that each member chooses in order to interact with the project. We don’t require a huge number of shares in different social media applications in weekly base.  

The members usually understand by their own that with higher engagement , especially with shares in multiple social media apps, the outcome will be much better for the Project and thus for their coins. Hence more people are going to learn about the original crypto idea and higher value will be achieved with increasing popularity.  

Despite the aforementioned, some might attempt to join ArmyZ with zero or very low activity.    

ArmyZ members that seem to be inactive for many days or with profiles that don’t interact with the project, will be removed from the ArmyZ.  

At least until they feel ready to dedicate few minutes for spreading the word about BITCOINZ, so they can then ask to re-join ArmyZ.  


8) How the most active members will be rewarded?  

The highly active members that participate in multiple social media platforms, spread positive energy in the BITCOINZ Discord and interact extremely frequently with the project, will enjoy “Veteran” status in the future, with access to extra weekly rewards.

At the same time there is an increased possibility for them to receive personalized tips by members that watch everyday the BITCOINZ Discord action. This is the magical element of a Community Driven Project !  


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