Some might wonder : Why BITCOINZ is so successful with its community?

We should not forget one important factor here: BITCOINZ is 100% PoW, 100% Community Driven, has zero premine, no ICO sales, PC mining algo, its own genesis block (it is not a fork), independent blockchain (it is not a token), privacy, scalability and virtually zero fees.

Therefore it is a rare cryptocurrency gem that honors the pure crypto idea with decentralization in every level :

1) The network as it supports PC mining.

2) The distribution of coins with its fair rules and zero coins allocated to any founders.

3) The governance since there is no CEO & no company behind it.

The aforementioned energize the supporters of BITCOINZ with extra will and higher engagement.

Because it is extra important for everyone who spreads the word about something to know that he does the right thing, serving ideals and a noble cause. Not just a short time speculation.

BITCOINZ Community’s most important principles are the team spirit, the positive energy and the dissemination of knowledge.

The increase of the BTCZ coin’s value will come through the realization of the original cryptocurrency idea by more people, the development of its ecosystem and the implementation of the coin in their lives.

We are not here just to “pump” the asset with fireworks & announcements for a few weeks like so many scam projects do before they disappear, just for profiting from ignorant people’s hard earned funds.

Cryptocurrencies were not supposed to be like this, gambling with countless useless tokens and paying gas fees to projects like ETH or BSC, whose initial supply was heavily premined or totally owned by their founders. Projects that in practice act as a ponzi-scheme in order to make their founders even richer.

This is a disgrace hence the original cryptocurrency idea was about freedom and having an alternative network of transactions with fair rules and no central authority.

So we have to be ready for a long war.


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